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Indian Spice BoxMy mother’s spice box always served as our family’s medicine cabinet. She came from a long line of strong women who embraced Ayurvedic principles at home and sought natural solutions for common problems. Tummy pains were soothed with asafoetida. Nausea disappeared with cloves. She cooked for us and kept us healthy according to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, just like her mother did.

Now, I guard my family’s health with the same practical wisdom and traditional spice blend recipes for wellness that have been our family’s secret for generations. My husband, kids and I savor this revitalizing combination of ginger, turmeric, pepper, cardamom and licorice to strengthen our overall health, provide comfort for cold symptoms, calm digestion and boost our energy.

I searched for the best and easiest way to add these powerful super spices to our busy lives – and Pranayums was born. Single serve spice packets to enjoy on the go, with the foods you already love. Delicious, versatile and convenient – from our family to yours.


Pranayums. Feed your life force.

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