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Pranayums is a 2017 NEXTY Award Finalist!

Pranayums is a 2017 NEXTY Award Finalist in the Best New Packaged Food CategoryIndian Table Pranayums

Little packets of synergy, these "super spice" blends belie the simplicity of their ingredient panel, packing a complex, joyfully sweet (but not sweetened!) punch led by the nutritive value of turmeric. It’s a tasty addition to smoothies, hot cereal, nut butters and coffee, or a ready-to-blend instant golden milk (just add milk). Warning: you might be tempted to eat it straight.

The bi-annual NEXTY Awards shine a spotlight on innovative products that inspire and uphold the integrity of the natural product industry.

The natural products industry has a lot to be proud of! This year’s pool of NEXTY Award-nominated products was bigger and better than ever.

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