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Top 5 Food Trends Seen at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show

Pranayums mentioned in Virginia's Food & Beverages Blog on February 2, 2017:

Pranayums Turmeric Spice Shots

Turmeric goes beyond Indian food

"The turmeric herb has expanded beyond use as a spice in Indian food and Ayurvedic medicine into many different applications as food, beverage, and spice companies take note of its superfood positioning. Spice makers are taking advantage of growing health awareness about turmeric. The Spice Lab introduced a line of Healing Spices that includes turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric & black pepper, and turmeric tea. Pranayums offered Daily Super Spice Shots single-serve packets that contain turmeric, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, and other spices as “a daily home remedy” inspired by the Ayurvedic science of healing. The pre-measured spice shot packets are designed for consumers to sprinkle on oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, tea, or coffee. Turmeric is increasingly being used in beverages. Califia Farms featured a Ginger and Turmeric Spice Blend into its line of Enhanced Almondmilk. The use of turmeric and ginger in a dairy-free drink is noteworthy as most almond milk and soy milk producers in the US have focused on vanilla and chocolate flavors. Though turmeric has not yet been widely seen in snacks, we are likely to see more in the future. At the show, RW Garcia offered Lentil & Turmeric pulse tortilla chips."

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Photo credit courtesy of Virginia Lee

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